Roulette Tournament At VIP Casino

The ongoing roulette tournament at VIP Casino is the second tournament being held this month. The first one was the blackjack tournament which got over on the 15th of May. The roulette tournament commenced on the 16th of May and will continue till the 31st of May. The variant of roulette selected for the tournament is Multiplayer Roulette. The entry fee for the tournament is only $10 and this should encourage a large number of players to participate. The prize pool for the tournament is $1,000, which will be distributed as follows. The winner will get $500. The runner-up will get $250. And players who place in the third to the seventh positions will get $50 each.

Participating in the online tournaments at VIP Casino is very simple. Players can join the tournament any time during its running by clicking on the “Sign up now” button in the Tournament menu and selecting “yes”. The entry fee of $10 is automatically detected from the players’ casino accounts. It is mandatory to register in the above manner otherwise playing the selected will not count as participating in the tournament.

In the roulette tournament players will start with $1,000 worth of tournament chips. This money is only play money and cannot be cashed. Only the prizes won by the players can be cashed. Each player will be given 30 minutes to increase his balance as much as he can. The player does not have to play for the full 30 minutes. If he is happy with his chip balance at any point of time he can leave the tournament without completing the allotted time. One of the advantages of the online tournaments at VIP casino is that players can exit the tournament in between and resume their play later. Hence they need not complete their allotted time at one go. Players can check their rankings by following the instructions on the right hand side of the tournament screen. The winners will get their prizes within an hour of the tournament finishing. A player can enter the roulette tournament only once and therefore he should do so at a convenient time. If he performs badly then there are no second chances.

At VIP Casino Multiplayer Roulette is played with Atlantic City Gaming rules on an American Roulette wheel with 36 numbers plus 0 and 00. These rules include the “Zero or Double Zero Rule”. When the ball lands on 0 or 00 the even money wagers are not entirely lost. Half the amount wagered will be returned to the player.

VIP Casino was established in 1999. It is licensed by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta. The online casino is powered by software from Cryptologic. It is well known for the monthly tournaments that it hosts.

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