English Harbour Offers African Safari

English Harbour online casino is well known for the tournaments it offers. Every month there is one major event that runs through the entire month and offers the largest prize pool. Then there are several weekly and daily online tournaments. In May the major tournament is being played on the Vegas Technology online slot Safari.

The major online tournament is billed as Cash Adventures and rightly so. Players will experience the adventures of an African Safari and win cash prizes in the bargain. The tournament has commenced on the 1st of May and will run through till the 31st. The entry fee is a modest $10 and all players will start with a tournament stake of $300. The prize pool for the event is $100,000. The featured online slot is Safari.

Safari is a fantastic slot game, worth playing for the experience it provides. The entire African plain is represented on the reels. There is the Lion, Elephant, Giraffe, Zebra, Cheetah, Rhino, Bird, Deer and Monkey. Taking care of them all is the Ranger with his Binoculars and Jeep. The symbols are bold and bright and slightly caricatured. Usually in online slot games only the wild and scatter symbols get animated when in winning combinations. But in Safari all the symbols are animated and the African plain comes alive. The Cheetah menacingly bares its fangs while the Elephant jumps with joy.

The regulars at English Harbour will find their favorite online tournaments again in May, but on new and different games. The most popular of these are the weekly Slot-tery events. The Slot-tery tournaments do not have a guaranteed prize pool but are played for the pot. Even though the entry fee is only $3 the pot can get quite large because the lower fee brings in many more participants. Some of the best Vegas technology slots have been chosen for this month’s Slot-tery events. They are Naughty Ninjas, Cool Bananas, $5 Million Touchdown and The Real Deal. The first Slot-tery tournament will begin on the 5th of May.

The weekend blackjack and video poker tournaments are also very popular. They run from Fridays to Sundays and have an entry fee of $10. The online blackjack tournament has a guaranteed prize pool of $5,000 and is played on US Blackjack and the online video poker tournament has a guaranteed prize pool of $3,000 and is played on Deuces Wild. The other online tournaments offered in May at English Harbour online casino are the daily slots tournaments and the daily slots freerolls.

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