7 Common Cheating Methods Used By Casinos

Cheating is one of the common things that you find in many casinos. While some players manage to cheat, there are many casinos that also cheat on their players. In fact there are many unethical tricks such as marked cards that they adopt to stop players from winning. Some of these include:

False Deals

You may often find casino dealers dealing the second top card from the deck or the bottom card to start with. Also known as mechanic’s grip, this is one way to hold the card deck.

False advertising

You might get a certain promotional email from a casino that you play at, asking you to sign up. However, once you sign up you may not get the promotional offer.  These non-existent promotions are false advertisements that are used by casinos to cheat players. It is always important that you take a look at the ratings of the casino and read a few reviews before you sign up.

False shuffling

Arranging a certain order of cards in between the deck, shuffling the deck falsely, and cutting between the cards, is another trick that casinos use to make sure their players don’t win. Always ask for another shuffle if you find anything fishy.

Deck switching

Many a times the dealer might replace the original deck with a preset card deck in order to benefit the casino. This trick is known as the cold deck trick, which might be very difficult to identify.

Roulette Rigging

Do you feel that the landing of the roulette ball is somehow controlled by the casino? You may be right! In fact many casinos use software to control the landing of the roulette ball. They end up making lots of money by rigging the roulette wheel and scarping extra percentage.

Endorsing false rules sets

Ideally the rule sets that are endorsed by casinos should be authorized by gambling authorities. But in many cases the casinos or the dealers of those casinos may come up with rules of their own in order to maximize their profits. If you are a novice player who knows nothing about how these rules work, you may be easily tricked by the casino.

Crooked Dice

Many casinos end up tampering their dice by fixing weight. This will help in the dice landing on a specific side. This way it only reveal the number on the opposite side which will be the winning number.  Make sure the dice doesn’t have any weight fixed to it.